December 10, 2014

Adoption in Overdrive and Prayers Please!!

As many of your know we have been on our second adoption adventure to grow our family. We were officially approved for adoption on October 30, 2014, and then we sent in our photo books and one page summary profile for caseworkers to view when we met the criteria. Scot and I just knew it would be at least 6-9 months before we were matched because we are looking to adopt younger children between the ages of 0-4. Well God definitely has different plans for us and he made us aware of them on my birthday yesterday.

Scot received a call from Tanya at Gladney informing us that there is a sweet, 8 week old baby boy who is ready for adoption. So of course Scot and I are over the moon and ready for Madilyn to have a baby brother, and more importantly to provide this little boy a safe, loving, and stable home and family. We are preparing our minds and hearts for this upcoming adoption adventure to come to a happy ending. We will do whatever it takes to follow the path that we believe God has laid out for our family.

One of our bumps in the road is to pay some unexpected fees to complete the placement/adoption. These fees are due to the type of adoption and due to the fact that he is undergoing physical therapy. At the request of friends, we have set up a gofundme account. We thank you in advance for any donations, but more importantly we could use everyone's thoughts and prayers.

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